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Pastor David D. Ireland’s new book One in Christ

Racial disharmony is tearing communities apart, both inside and outside the Church. But Jesus Christ is the great reconciler. Warmth, regard, and respect emanated from His person toward others—all others. Jesus was comfortable in His skin and this made others who approached Him comfortable in their skin. We too are called by God to build bridges, cross cultural lines, and model diversity in every area of our lives. In a divided society Christians must demonstrate how to practice unity, tearing down the barriers that keep us apart.

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What people are saying

David D. Ireland

is the lead pastor of Christ Church, a multisite, multiracial congregation in northern New Jersey. When he founded the church in 1986, it had six members. Today it has a congregation of 8,000 representing over sixty nationalities.

“The Bible calls for Christians to be cross-cultural people.”

Jesus said, “Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). The word nation is the Greek word ethnos, where we derive the English word ethnic. In essence, the last charge Jesus gave was for His followers to become cross-cultural ambassadors. This is not optional, Ireland says: We must each become racially accommodating.
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